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The Testing Laboratory Directorate (TLD) is accredited to perform full analysis of natural gas, gas mixtures and liquefied hydrocarbons (propane-butane).

The heat of combustion, the density, relative density and pressure of the saturated vapor of the products are calculated on the basis of their component composition.

The content of hydrogen sulphide and mercaptan sulfur in the natural gas is determined using iodometric titration.

Hydrogen sulphide in liquefied hydrocarbons (propane-butane) is determined using a classical or a departmental method.

TLD issues a Statement of Compliance, in accordance with the Technical specifications, submitted by clients.

If the client requires it, the test reports can also be issued in English.



                                     The full scope of accreditation of TLD for testing samples of natural gas, gas mixtures and liquefied hydrocarbons can be found here.